Thursday, November 02, 2006

Need a night out?

Upcoming NEBO shows:
  • 3rd November- SevenLive (Opening of a new music bar in the Odyssey, Belfast).
  • 16th November- The Bunker @ Lavery's, Belfast.
  • Also in the pipeline is our first ever Lurgan gig! (U2 would say it's a sort of homecoming).
On a different note I have put some more of my favourite photos on my flickr site. More to come, it takes an age to upload them.


dave wiggins said...

am lovin some of those Africa photos John boy, jealous as hell. i'd love a nile special

Anonymous said...

Hey John

World Aids Day coming up soon. I remember you doing a really good thing about AIDS in church a year or two ago. Will you get the chance again this year? I hope so.


J-Mac said...

Nina there is an AFRICA service coming up soon which I'm really looking forward to. Elders are showing a DVD they picked up at Willow Creek. Will be addressing the AIDS problem and also offering people a chance to support the work in Jandira that your good daughter helped to begin!