Tuesday, July 15, 2008

End of the Beginning

Team 1 leave tonight and Team 2 join us. As I had hoped I have spent less time processing and thinking and more time experiencing and living in the moment.... and what an experience:

- School is flying up. The site is beyond words. It truly will be a beacon of hope for the surrounding villages.
- Over 50 sick children brought to clinics be treated for various illnesses and tested for HIV.
- Visited and supported the work of others in pregnancy crisis centre and in the slums.
- Kid's clubs, sports coaching, women's work, teacher training.
- The relationships we built with teachers, kids, builders two years ago have now developed into true friendships. It feels like home.
Check out Al's blog for more detailed info.

This team have been amazing. They have come with open eyes and open hearts and have responded to the need they have seen around them.

We stood on top of the hill yesterday, where the secondary school is being built, praying with our Ugandan friends and I experienced the presence of God like never before. Every day we see new things to respond to. The project has become huge. It's gone way beyond our control and past the point of no return. After years of feeling frustrated with poverty, injustice, AIDS, education issues we at last feel like we're not just talking about it but in one small part of the world we're able to respond and make a real and lasting difference.

It is a great privilege to help lead these teams. This project is becoming one of the most special things I have ever been a part of. This could be the rest of my life.

ps Nicky is here and he's single and desperate. Send photos to thenickmans@hotmail.com. You can see his photos on his bebo.