Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shoulder to Shoulder!!!

It's a bit late but what a day. The English and their anthem was fully respected before they were slaughtered on the pitch. Makes you proud to be Irish eh?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

God is Green

When in Norway I was challenged and inspired by my eco-friendly mate John Martin. I have been considering my response (and lack of response) as a believer towards climate change.

I’m teaching my kids about Global Warming and am struck by the fact that I was taught all of this when I was in primary school but society seems to have done damn all about it. I was even more angered to read that evangelical Christians in America adamantly support the Bush administration in downplaying the threat of global warming.

-By 2050, about 75 % of the glaciers in the Swiss Alps are likely to have disappeared.
-Climate change projections show an increasing likelihood of extreme weather events and climate extremes: floods, storms, famines and droughts.
-Those in the developing world will pay the price for the western world's energy consumption.
-In the coming year the first island will be wiped out as a direct result of global warming. It’s inhabitants are being evacuated.

Steve Stockman, at a conference I was at last week, claimed that we are the most selfish generation of people to ever live. We are ruining the earth for our children and grandchildren yet we carry on regardless.

How can I make any sort of impact? How can my recycling, sharing lifts, energy-saving light bulbs etc change anything when America and China are pumping vast amounts of pollution into the air every second? Well I don’t think we are given much of a choice, and in my every day choices and influences I feel I have to do what I can to protect this beautiful earth.

What a speel sorry! Check out Al Gore’s film, 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Much more convincing than I could ever articulate.

Also ‘God is Green’ on Channel 4 tonight looks like an interesting show.