Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jacobs Ladder

I have been too busy buying and moving house recently to blog. I didn't get a chance to review of the Bruce Springsteen gig last week. It was an amazing, up-lifting, life-afirming show (note: I didn't say 'transcendent'!).

Instead here is the first 'top ten' of my blog. I've been to many concerts in my 26 years so here is a record of some of the best bits.

Top 10 spine-tingling concert moments:
1. U2 : Slane Castle 2001- The end of the concert when 'Walk On' has finished and choruses of 'Hallelujah' ring out around the 80,000 people.
2. U2 : Croke Park 2005- With my mates around me, an Irish flag on my shoulders, singing 'Miracle Drug'
3. Bruce Springsteen : Odyssey 2006: 18-piece band blasting out 'Jacob's Ladder for about 15 minutes through five key changes.
4. Damien Rice: Ulster Hall 2002- Singing 'Delicate' on a candlelit stage with his amazing backing vocalist.
5. Coldplay: Odyssey 2005- 'Fix you' encore.
6. Reef: Ulster Hall 1995- One of my first ever gigs. When they played 'Consideration' I knew I would attend many more gigs in my life!
7. Incubus: The Point 2001- For pure musical genius the drum solo takes some beating.
8. Foy Vance: The Spirit Club 2006- The first time I had heard 'Gabriel and the Vagabond'. It still warms the cockles of my heart when I listen to it.
9. The Frames: Ulster Hall 2003- I love their annual Christmas show. 'Fitzcarraldo' in 2003 stands out.
10. Foo Fighters- Birmingham NEC 2002- Expected slightly more from the Foos but 'My Hero' alone was worth the ticket price.


edel and colin said...

hope your settling in well!

Concert moments?
How bout 1997 - U2 Popmart Tour
Landsdowne Road
After being dissappointed at Botanic Gardens - they played a belter on the night Diana died.

or maybe 1993
ZooTV Tour
27 August 1993 - the first time i heard Running To Stand Still Live.


J-Mac said...

Lovin it Colin!
I'm sure if I had been at Zoo TV then that would be top of the list (I was only a wee nipper then!).
'Running to Stand Still' from the Zoo TV Sydney concert (on video) is my favourite U2 moment.
Let the Hallelujahs ring!!

Stefan McNally said...

big lad

miracle drug, exodus 3:14 et al

hard to beat

there was definitly a touch of the transcendent about it...

...or just bloody good craic...

...or maybe those are one and the same

Jen said...

You know what- i don't usually confess this-but i have never really been to a concert. Outside of watching halcyon days and booley at summer madness! It always depresses me cause I want to be in a band.