Monday, November 06, 2006


Got a sweet fairtrade t-shirt from GAP. I know of GAP's reputation but any change should be applauded. If you aren't aware of the (RED) campaign check out Using commerce to eliminate AIDS in Africa.

My inspiration this weekend came from a couple of mates.
Not while having a pint together as usual but when they were on stage.
My two uganda muckers Dumb (Al) and Dumber (Grant) were on top form on sunday morning speaking in church.

3 points I took away:
  • That evangelism should be incarnate...something that we become, that we live and breath, rather than just turning it on at an opportune moment (Al you have to get a few blogs out of this!).
  • The church fathers interpretation of the trinity ('Perichoresis') as an eternal dance between Father, Son and Spirit that we are invited to be part of... beautiful.
  • Grant's admission he was 'creaming them'. We may have smiled at Grant's poetic grasp of the English language, but anyone who was willing to take hold of what they were saying would have felt exactly the same.


charlie knox said...

Your bit about evangelism there reminded me of a paragraph in a McClaren Article. I think he provides a great picture......

'In a world plagued by ethnic hatred and telemarketers, every voice adding stridency and sales pressure to the world is one voice too many. Nobody wants to be "won to Christ" or "taken for Jesus" in one of our "crusades," and neither do they want to be subjected to a sales pitch for heaven, that sounds for all the world like an invitation to check out a time share vacation resort. A presentation of the gospel that sounds like a military ultimatum or like a slick sales pitch will dishonor the gospel for postmodern people. Instead, think of leadership (and especially evangelism) as a dance. You hear the music that I don't hear, and you know how to move to its rhythm. Gently, you help me begin to hear its music, feel its rhythm, and learn to move to it with grace and joy. A very different kind of leadership, don't you agree?'

Whole thing can be found here -->

J-Mac said...

Love it Charlie.

I was teaching about heating up solids the molecules that are packed close together begin to move...jostling eachother as the heat spreads...moving faster until they are moving freely into space.

I thought that was another good picture of evangelism (though obviously not as good as the church fathers of old or Brian McClaren of the post-modern!)

dave wiggins said...

you look sexy in your red t-shirt jan.

Jen said...

thought of how stocky might put it:

All the things we do are skeletons
Just bones, that if given a chance,
could come to life and duck and weave
and move in some crazy dance

dancing through my heart and soul, dancing through my life and mind
Oh the detailed intricacies
Of the everyday things we do
may you dance for me
and may i dance for you

(I know I haven't gotten that completely right, writing from memory)

Not convinced that I'll ever buy from gap.

Gemma said...

hey, thank you for your comment on my blog... but who are you?? i'm originally from n.ireland too... a wee place called cookstown!!

Brian Heasley said...

Dance Jon Dance