Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Common Road

I have observed a common road for many young Christians :

They spend many young years in fear of God and of upsetting other people by not appearing Godly. They believe everything they are told in black and white...becoming what they are told to be.
As their conciousness deepens they see that there is a lot of grey. Things begin to crumble around them. Deconstruction begins. The 'rock' they are standing on is artificial and is crumbling...

They find relief in the 'nothingness'....there is no they implode.
They fall into (or back into) the relief of numbness provided by drink, drugs, parties.
When this stage is reached they realise that all that was built up surrounds a void.
The void needs to be re-filled.
And so after the deconstruction, construction begins.
They start to work out their salvation for themselves.... starting with questions like:
'Do I believe there's a God?',
'Am I a believer?'
Their doubt makes way for faith.
They are born again (again!). This is second life!
The world becomes new and they experience life to the FULL.
The fullness of joy and pain, of love and loss, of clarity and frustration.
Feeling returns to a soul that was numb, and they begin to live.

This was my road...a common road that I want to help others to travel.


dave wiggins said...

exactly right john boy ... good thoughts

Anonymous said...

Thank you John, this gives me hope. My 19 year old son has walked the first stretch of that road and is now at the 'nothingness' point of drink, drugs and parties. I pray with all my heart his journey will take him towards constructing a 'new' faith. Faith in a God who loves him unconditionally.


Glenbo said...

Good post Soapy,
I used to think a lot like this. Can I live up to the expectations from friends, family, God? Who or what am I supposed to be. I guess thats why grace is an amazing thing and unconditional love so amazing also. Imagine no matter what I do or say can affect the way an inspiring, all loving God loves me!!! Theres a verse I just can't remember where it is. It says Godliness WITH contentment is great gain. Being in sync with God and also being content with who we are as a person and what we have. Nina, I always remember when I was running about that I never felt alone and never forgot about God, he will come back to what God has for him.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

This gives me hope too. At the grand old age of 30, lol, (but still a relatively young christian) I think (hope, PRAY!!!) that I'm starting the re-construction process.

You guy's are a little younger than me but years ahead as far as your walk with God goes, and I must tell you that I really get a lot from reading and participating in your blogs.

Keep them coming!


Alain Emerson said...

Good work John boy. Telling our stories is the way to go..

Anonymous said...

Such a relevent blog there john boy....a road no1 wants 2 travel but u learn so much from. You know what it is like 2 experience so u are certain u dont want 2 experience it again. God holds no grudges, wipes the slate clean and forgives.

Jen said...

reminds me of selwyn hughes-


i think this is constantly the christian road, whether a new christian or otherwise. The devil is constantly out to steal all we've been taught by His word or through experience. I know I have wee moments of crumbling all the time...

Anonymous said...

I liked what you said about the fear of not appearing Godly. It's so true yet so twisted that we think this way! It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, yet in this time of my life i realise only now am i beginning to live the life that i have personally ok'ed with God instead of making it up myself or doing the christian thing according to someone else. In this i am Free! It is in this place,I've found people question my faith as I start being unpredictable, to accepted ways they have either seen me live my life before or seen other Christians live their lives. Bring on the Questions i say, challenge the motives of my heart, wrestle it out with God. Then go out with confidence, courage and the fear of God, Not Man!