Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Work is crazy at the minute. Too much to do in much too little time. As I sit in my classroom at the end of another day I look around and survey the damage of 21 eleven-year-olds. My first year of teaching been a real surprise to me. I seemed to stumble into it as a preliminary to my career as a child psychologist but it has been more interesting and rewarding than I could ever have expected. It's also damn good craic. It has been exasperating at times but I drive home nearly everyday so thankful for a job that I enjoy.

The pic is from our 'Victorian Day'...the cane is for demonstration purposes only...I promise.


Ricky said...

Hi John,

Yea, Looks great man,

I'm impressed!

See you soon


Anonymous said...


I'm not seeing any links relevent to your vocation (Fair-trade, MPH, HIV/AIDS)

"Listens well in class but must do better....."

Brian Heasley said...

Nice blog John, I like Bruce Springsteen but was afraid to admit it. Is he cool again?

J-Mac said...

don't worry mr/mrs anonymous, it's coming!

J-Mac said...

brian I value soul over cool!