Sunday, May 28, 2006


I've always had a belief that, in their most basic form, people are good. I've always been able to see some good in even the worst, blaming circumstances or various others even when I am wronged or I see another wronged.. I externalise their evil for them. I believed sub-consciously and naively in the inherent goodness and positive intentions of others. Events recently have me considering otherwise, especially when I come to terms with my own inability to become any better. When I do the right thing am I only doing it so I'm seen to do the right thing? If so it's not goodness or obediance, it's just compliance. Small talk, meaningless relationships, little problems manipulated into issues, selfish ambition....all to mask the fact that everyone is screwed up inside. I try to understand people's motives when I see their selfishness. Then I climb down off my highest of horses to find the light of my own soul is flickering. Is anyone truly altruistic? Can anyone survive with such a credo?


leanne said...

Hey John
Very deep thoughts!! This has been an issue for me over the last couple of years. I have always tried to see the best in people and would be very trusting but have come to realise that no one is perfect and people will always ultimately let you down. The great thing is we serve a God who never fails and never lets us down, beliving that,this doesn't cause me a second thought. People are good, but somehow greed, selfishness and self centredness tempt us to do things we otherwise wouldn't do, no one is perfect!! Being a 'shop window christian' is another big topic I know you have a great heart for people and it is a genuine heart. The question I always ask myself is "would I be doing all these 'christian things' if there was no one else around?? Keep up the good work!! Now i feel as if I have preached a sermon sorry!! Hope you have a great time in England!!


charlie knox said...

Jewish thought offers some interesting insights regarding the dual nature of humanity.....the 'Yetzer tov' and 'yetzer ra'... have a read at the link below.

Jen said...

Just found ur blog off the emmanuel website- been totally pondering the same sentiment over the last week. My question was more along the line of blessing. Thinking of going to Thailand -a scary decision after Joy's talk in church, but volunteered my services to the organisation she went with. Am now thinking God will bless me for it-but do we do things to get God's blessing (or is it like grace) does that count as trying to earn it. Brought me back to the friends episode with phoebe and joey -is any deed truly unselfish?