Thursday, May 11, 2006

How It Is

Check out
The site is just temporary but there are a couple of tracks you can listen to and critique back here.

We now set to go with a new manager, decent demo and new songs. The time has come to unleash NEBO on an unsuspecting Belfast.
More details to follow....


Neil Harrison said...

Hey John, glad to see nebo is moving forward! Looking forward to gettin my hands on a CD soon!

Jamie said...

Hey J-Mac,
I'm glad to finally hear some of this nebo music. I'm impressed! 'How it is' is a quality tune. Now I just have to get off my butt and come to hear you live!
I'm liking the blog as well...your random musings provide a good distraction from the impending exams!


Alain Emerson said...

nice one bro,
hope you have a good weekend and at 445 we are singing and dancing

Phil:Stone said...

Love the blog john! Looking foward to finding much inspiration on this site!

have a good day!

indya said...

Good music John, good music, I never knew nebo existed. All the best with that!