Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Boss

Bruce Springsteen- 'We Shall Overcome- The Seeger Sessions'.

Been listening to this album non-stop the past few days. I've been a big Springsteen fan since I was a boy when I laid claim to an old cassette tape of my Dad's. 'The Boss' has touched my soul with rock'n roll since then but this is something completly different. Basically Springsteen had been getting inspired by the country/folk legend Pete Seegers, so he got a band together to play some of the stuff that Seeger's played. They blast through a mixture of old folk tales, gospel tunes, negro spirituals and freedom songs.

The band did not reherse or arrange any of the songs before recording, they just tuned up and went for it. It's basically some friends jamming in a living room with Springsteen conducting and playing at the same time. We get to hear music not just being played but being made. The result is some of the most raw and beautiful music I have heard in years. I guess it is music in it's purest form. Well worth a listen!


Neil Harrison said...

Hey mate, your site has come on leaps and bounds in 24 hours. I am impressed! Talk to ya 2mro sometime!

Anonymous said...


I'm def gonna give it a listen!!

John-Boy Martin

Anonymous said...

hey dude, if you've been listening to that album for the past 24hours!! its no wonder you're weird!!!! lol lol