Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taking sides??

In answer to anonymous-

There is nowhere safe in Gaza. Israel drop bombs on houses killing families. They flee to take shelter in schools, mosques, UN buildings and Israel bomb them.

The 'human shields' argument is ridiculous. They are dropping tonnes and tonnes of the biggest explosives on the one of the most densely populated area in the world. The UN said there was no fire from their building and it was clearly marked. They drop a bomb on a house where they suspect someone involved with Hamas is sleeping, killing his extended family then accuse him of hiding behind civilians. If this was happening to Israelis the world would explode.

No other country could get away with the crimes against humanity that Israel do, because they can, so they don't care....might is right.

I repeat there have been 45 people killed in the West Bank this year without a single rocket being fired.

Yes I have emotional ties to Palestine but I also met some great people in Israel. I am saddened for them also. Do you really think this is going to improve life for them? Even if Hamas were wiped out (which they won't be) another more extreme group will take their place. There will be more rockets and more hatred. Imagine a bomb has landed on your house killing your wife and children. Combine this with a life of poverty and a denial of your human rights. What would you do? Violence breeds violence, evil breeds evil.

Love is the only force capable of overcoming hatred.

I find it hard to believe some Christians attitudes over this. It's not a case of taking sides. There only is one side...the occupier, the military force, the oppressor. I can't fathom how any human being never mind follower of Jesus can see pictures of kids blown to pieces and say they are in support of this evil government. The world is so screwed up.

Was great to walk and pray for peace in Belfast last night. Gave me some hope in the human race.

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Anonymous said...

The God I see in the Bible always has a bias towards the poor and the oppressed.
That makes it easy for me to take sides for the Palestinians in this conflict.


Anonymous said...

The jews are returning to their land and Israel is back where it belongs, all prophecised in revelation and Daniel...

Anyway John you still havent answered the point about the palestine's voting hamas into government?

Israel have continually warned about the prospect of an offensive if rocket attacks continued...

Hamas are an Iranian backed isalmic killing machine with only one agenda and its not about re-gaining land

Original Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"The God I see in the Bible always has a bias towards the poor and the oppressed"
I would like to agree but I would change the word "always" to most times.
In Deuter 20 Vs 16-18 God commanded everthing that had breath to be killed.
If anyone understands that, please explain it to me because I can't understand why God would give such a command to kill man women and child.

For me both sides are guilty in this, and none of the two can claim to be God's people, for it is by faith in Christ we are his, which both sides deny.

The thing that disturbs me is that Hamas will strap explosive belts onto their women and children, and blow up innocent victims and then condem Israel for killing the same children which they slaughter.
That being said Israel are no better.
I hope and pray the people on both sides who just want peace find it.


Anonymous said...

anon said "The jews are returning to their land and Israel is back where it belongs, all prophecised in revelation and Daniel...."

Maybe so, if you are dispensationilst but not if you are reformed in your theology.

If I grant that the Jews are fullfilling prophecy which I think they are, they are still not blessed by God as his Elect.

The only reason God does what he does with Israel is because of the promise he made to Abraham, not becasue the Jews are a great moral people, remeber it was them that crucified Christ.
In fact they are being gathered for tribulation not blessing.

As stated before this is not an either or situation it is both.
Lets not elevate the Jew to places they do not belong.
At the same time recognise that Hamas are evil, and that the duty of Christians is see the bigger picture that God is using both Hamas and the Jews for his own end, and it those who are saved that have God's blessing and promises.
Israel and the Jew are simlpy prophetic, not moral.


indya said...

Can I just ask Original Anonymous...

"The jews are returning to their land and Israel is back where it belongs, all prophecised in revelation and Daniel..."

What's your point? I agree that there are lots of prophecies and promises towards Israel and I believe God has definate plans for them, that they are his chosen people and I'm trying to understand this all more as I learn more from the Bible about it. However, I haven't found anything thus far (and am not sure I will) that has made me believe that Israel can do no wrong, or that as a Christian I am obliged to support everything they do and not speak out against them. Personally, I think to bring in the whole 'Israel is back where it belongs' argument is a cop out in a situation like this- to believe that their actions are justified by that just means we don't have to face the really difficult task of figuring out how to respond.

The most significant thing I've found lately as I've sought to understand what's happening in the Middle East is that God loves the Arab and the Jew, His heart is big enough for both.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not to condone what Israel is doing more so im disappointed to see a very one sided approach to this topic, whereby the Palestinians are being made to be the sole victims here. Yes im a dispensationalist and I accept that although what is happening is fulfilling propecy that doesn't make it right - it just annoys me to read here and on the media a one sided story....throughout history the Jews have always been persecuted it appears that is timeless truth.

Original Anon