Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sheep and Goats

(from asbo Jesus)

This week Tearfund are trying to mobilise local churches into a global week of prayer for poverty.

There are 2.2 million children in the world today. One million of these (EVERY SECOND CHILD!) are living in poverty.

The statistics are head wrecking and unfortunately often mind-numbing. However in the gospel I read we aren't left with much of an option but to do something. To pray and then be ready to be the answer to our prayers.

I've been really challenged by Matthew 23 where we are basically told how God will decide who spends eternity with him. I don't need to blog about it because my brother has just done it beautifully. Check out davymull. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Don't you think the contrast between rich and poor becomes so much more poignant this time of year... It is obscene how we in our society use Christmas as an excuse to indulge in consumerism, food and pleasure. It makes me sick to the core every year, yet it is so hard to do it differently. I would love us to address this in True, actually. Could we think up a wee project that would subvert the culture and would give something to our community?


Molar said...

I agree with above post, however, not so sure about the food/pleasure part (I am a fat pie however!). It is sad to see so many sucked into the consumerists agenda. Gifts are good, but when you are stressed out, trying to find this, that and the other, and for what?!

This time of year has always been a bit of a headache for me as I hate it so much!

Paul B said...

2.2 million children in the world?

Out of a world population of 6 billion?

Are you sure? - that means children make up 0.00036% of the total population??

J-Mac said...

Apologies, the facts are 2.2 billion children in the world and 1 billion of these in poverty (half the world's kids!). That's really screwed up.

More stats here-