Thursday, March 01, 2007

To vote or not to vote..... the question on people's lips here.
I don't think you have a right to comment on issues in your country if you don't utilise your vote but at the same time it's damn hard to work out which of these muppets to vote for.

-I lived in a 'prod' bubble until I went to Uni but was always aware of the Celtic blood in my veins.
-I'd quite like a united Ireland but don't want former terrorists in government.
-I'd like more money for education.
-And a more of a focus on the developing world in norn irish politics.
-I would settle for a party who encourage people to love their neighbours... or at least coexist with them.

So who gets the vote? You decide...but let Wiggy help here.


Anonymous said...

John, are you promoting gambling?
I thought you were a Christian...

dave wiggins said...

i'd vote for you John Boy ... what would you call your party?

Sam said...

I recommend Rainbow George and Make Politicians History...bring on 'the wonder'