Thursday, January 04, 2007


Have returned battered and bruised from my extreme sports trip to Norway. Was a fantastic time. My first 3 days of snowboarding involved many wipe-outs and a lot of time on my ass. By the final two days j martin and myself finally achieved some semblance of mastery over the board.
This was also my first time a snowy mountain climate and I was constantly blown away by creation. One morning we took the lift as high as we could, took off our boards and climbed to the peak to watch the sunrise. I don't recall ever seeing anything as beautiful. Took some of the best photos I have ever taken but proceeded to erase the whole memory card by mistake (any computer whizz out there who can help??).

Can't imagine that a ski holiday can be topped. Physical exertion all day, relaxing in the jacuzzi and sauna then partying with great friends.

I'm hoping to spend a day or two with the Benedictine monks in Rostrevor before I go back to work.

Sing a new song in 2007.


Anonymous said...

I'll take pity and recover your pics for ya.

All you have to do is remember who fixed your card the last time you did this :o)

Mark Russell said...

John. Great to hear from you mister. Hope and pray all is well with you...Every blessing. Mark ps I will put a link to you on my blog

Mark Russell said...

Hi John. Great to hear from you. Hope you are well, amnd happy new year to you. God bless. Mark

J-Mac said...

Dave Hewitt you are a legend!

Anonymous said...

Norway sounds great, but Sweden would have been even better!!!

Can't wait to go skiing in Italy in Feb. Actually Anna is there at the moment - apparently they have given her the nick name mad dog due to her mad antics in the slopes. Anyway I agree with you - it's the best kind of holiday!