Sunday, December 24, 2006


Is it me or is the whole concept of Santa a tad strange. Most babies and small kids I know are scared of him. And rightly so.

Who is Santa?

  • A fat old man with a beard who breaks into your house and eats your food.

  • Us teachers teach kids about 'stranger danger', yet at Christmas little ones are forced by their parents to go into a dark room and sit on this fat strangers knee!

  • Santa is the only concept whereby it is universally accepted for mummies and daddies to lie to their kids.

  • SANTA is an anagram of SATAN. Could he be the devil's way of getting parents to lie to their kids and helping everybody to forget about Jesus?

Anyway, Merry Christmas! Forget Santa, remember the reason. Tell someone the truth.


Anonymous said...

I told my 9 year old the truth this year... and my husband (who is just a big kid and basically still believes in Santa) thinks I am terrible!!


dave wiggins said...

yes john, santa is the devil. also, they both dress in red.

Jen said...

And he forces vertically challenged men to make gifts all year round.

He's a bad role model- he's fat and he goes round calling people 'hoe!'
Merry Christmas!

dean irwin said...

bah humbug you old scrooge, wise up i would never deny my children the right to believe in santa its whats makes it for the kids, we all know the real reason but you cant be that sad and ruin it for kids.

Anonymous said...

santa isn't real??????? :(