Monday, October 16, 2006

Critical Opinion

You may be aware that I am moderating comments on this blog so it doesn’t descend into the farce that I had before. Since I made the change I’ve had all sorts of anonymous ‘friends’ keen to show the right way to live. Below are some of their comments (shown so I can't be accused of censorship). These are just a select few…I especially like the first one by some dude pretending to be me! I won’t be allowing any comments on this post so another debate doesn’t start.
Make your own mind up………

U2's Bono urges Bush to boost world Aid. Got this on CNN website. U2 front man Bono, Citing the Koran the Bible and Dire Sraits in his speech to wipe out world poverety. Hey guys it's great to see Bono using all religions to fight world poverty. I think Bono is the man to unite world religions, what you think? The man is a prophet pushing the bonderies. I think Islam, Catholisim, protestantism is all the same and Bono has forseen this, he could be the man to bring our brothers from the catholic and Islamic world together with the charasmatic churches, surely there is room in heaven for all men who believe in God no matter what way they get there, what do you think guys. Take care John

I see you are back to stoping blogs being posted. See posting a scripture and getting mixed up with sanctifcation over justifcation as you do is not a problem. The problem is you are not open to freedom of speech, and are unwilling to post most of my comments , why is this? I think it is because again the negative side of things like U2's Bono who openly quoted the Koran are seen as something that divides. Division is very much of God but you don't really seem to accept that. You seem to prefer having your ears tickled see Peter's epistle.

I hope Philippians Ch 3 V 18 to 20 amuses you. For many walk, of whom i often told you, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose god is THIER APPETITE, and whose glory is in their shame, who set their minds on EARTHLY THINGS. Matthew 10 v 34 " Jesus speaking" Do not think i came to bring peace on the earth, i did not come to bring peace but a sword. Anyone who is saved has without doubt found what they where looking for JESUS. The scipture you refer to is for those who are saved and pressing on Paul never used lanugage like I havent found what i'm looking for Paul new exactly what he had and he wanted more praise God. I expect this wont be shown on the blog

I still havent found what i am looking for. Sounds great we should sing it to the Lord i still havent found what i am looking for WHAT AN INSULT to Jesus if bono is saved, then his song lyrics should read I HAVE FOUND JESUS FULL STOP. What absoulute rubish. I guess this wont be printed on the blog as difference of opion may offend someone. I think you ought to have a blog called HAPPY blog where everyone can thibk happy thoughts and nothing REAL has to be dealt with


dave wiggins said...

i'm laughing a lot and pulling my hair out at the same time.

Phil:Stone said...

Love your Honesty Mate. Sometimes in Life You have to choose who You Listen to, Unforunately some a have a good word about no-one but themselves! Keep Blogging! I Finish with the definition of Anonymous "having no known name or identity or known source" (Now who wants to listen to anyone like that?)

Glenbo said...

Hey John,
Been reading your blog for some time now. I have so far decided to stay out of things for the simple reason that I cannot be bothered with comments the such as have been posted thus far. However, the last comment there drew my attention as I have been thinking about those lyrics an awful lot lately. Now listen, whoever you are, think very very carefully before you respond. What the band were trying to say is that they believed Jesus broke the bonds, loosed the chains, carried the cross of our shame, but they still hadn't found what they were looking for. Meaning - There is a God shaped hole in each and every one of us which only God can fill. Once God has entered our life we must strive to be more like Him. In our thoughts, words, actions etc. Again listen, there is total fulfillment in Jesus, totally, there is noone like Him. Jesus was perfect in every way. We are broken vessels that still need fixing, we must strive to be more like Him, therefore I can't claim to have found all i'm looking for. I aim more and more to be klike my saviour everyday I live, but I fail a lot, let Him down etc. Its what Paul calls running the race, pressing towards the mark, the high calling etc. We must endeavour to do this on a daily basis. Therefore one of those commitments must be to try to accept each other, regardless of what their thought patterns are, not slate them. I was at a U2 concert in slane some years ago, the last song was walk on. At the very end Bono had 80,000 people singing halleluljah. I know a lot of them were probably drunk, but I thought how many of them had sung halleluljah before? I'm not saying everything he does is right, it's bound to be hard for him in the public eye. I ask the question what do you do when you are alone that noone knows? What do I do alone that noone knows? Sometimes I admire the guy for following things that are on his heart. Please lets be sensible, lets be kind one to another, forgiving one another as He has forgiven us. I know this is a bit spiritual for anyone who knows me. I just had to share this as it was on my heart. There is so much more, but i'll leave it there. God bless you all. May the force be with you!!!


Anonymous said...
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J-Mac said...

I know, I know... I promised not to publish any comments on this post...

However Glen spent 3 days writing this one so I couldn't just ignore it. Besides I've never heard him being serious before!

Glenbo said...


Anonymous said...

Ok glenbo I have thought carefully.
You said "He broke the bonds and loosed the chains"
Christ died for all men he broke the bonds and loosed the chains of all men.
Here's the thing Bono has quoted from the KORAN and has been on the MTV AWARDS, HIGH ON DRUGS.
This after he wrote the song in question, now either Bono was saved and is backsliden or was never saved, either way until he returns to the faith we should as christians pray for him. Not go out and buy his records.
Again most of Bono's music is embraced by the world, if it is the holy spirit that is working through him why does the world love him, surely you know the scriptures that the world and christians are separate.
He is without doubt a man who helps charity's and tries to bring peace, but so does the roman catholic church and it is as lost as Satan himself.
Does not your own statement about the fans being drunk singing hallelujah concern you.
Singing hallelujah will save no one and surely if he was a man of God he would forbide drunkness not promote it. He would also be clear on salvation by grace alone and faith alone.
He would also have lyrics that are scriptural.
See Joe Schimmel's web site with the U2 Expose on it.
Unless the holy spirt shows you guys what is what then I can do no more my prayer is that he does.
Please give my view a chance look at the web site just type in Joe Schimmel's name and the word christian and you should find the expose.
Well John you will be glad to hear I will be writing no more.
Only God can show you what is right so i pray he does, debating has not accomplished anything here.
I hope you all find what you are looking for.

God bless

J-Mac said...

Dude're either taking the piss or you are severely deluded. Either way I'm very happy that you won't be writing here anymore. This should definitely clean up my hotmail inbox.

So long anon...

Glenbo said...

Ok, i've read the comments and I just have to say whatever. Jono, we do unfortunately have to respect anothers opinion on a matter whatever we think. I'm with you pal U2 rock and always will. Man I just don't even know what to reply here. Imagine if you, I or Bono never sinned??? Be good bro!