Thursday, October 19, 2006

October Musical Review

Travelled to Dundalk on Tuesday night to renew my aquaintance with Foy Vance. Twas an intimate little gig but spellbinding none-the-less. Perfect in every way (except for Harrison singing in my ear). I have been to many acoustic gigs- Damien Rice, Bob Dylan, Robbie Freeburn(!) but I'm not sure Foy can be topped. It's like all the soul from the American deep south and the negro spirituals has been packaged together into this little bald white guy for Belfast. Top notch.

Speaking of soul... The new Killers album has it in abundance. With it's Las Vegas concept it is trashy in a U2 Zoo tv kind of way but the undercurrent is soul. Sam's Town sounds huge but the lyrics are still rooted in the real world. Much has been written about the influence of Bruce Springsteen on this record and I can feel that, though in a very glam kind of way.

There are so many layers to the album. It's full of soaring guitars and pumping basslines but there is so much extra entertainment to every track. Standout moments for me are the 'higher and higher' outro to BLING and every second of BONES.

Finally you must buy NEBO's debut EP's good and it only costs £5.


Neil Harrison said...

If it wasn't for me John you wouldn't have even known about the gig or been there so suck eggs! It was an awesome moment with Foy though!

Anonymous said...

you boys look like that gay band off x factor. i will take one but i'm only payig £4.50 for it

zico said...

fancy sorting me out with a demo in church tomoro boyo? 5 bars bargain? i'll wait till i hear it thanks!

oh by the way, new blog, old one lost or something.

Anonymous said...

I thought Foy was great!