Sunday, July 23, 2006

Uganda Week 3

Team 2 have been with us for a week now. The kids love them and relationships with children and teachers have deepened since their arrival. The teachers (Hamis, Stephen, Joseph, Coach Carter) have given us so much love and it is going to be so hard to leave kids like Sam, Kenny, Emma Jane, Joanne and Dennis come the end of the week. It's amazing how quickly you can adapt to a new place and come to love new people. I wish my time here wasn't drawing to a close.

Yesterday was the hardest day of labouring that I have ever done. All the lads are shattered today! We have the four houses almost up and are now building a kitchen so all the children can be fed at lunch time. There is so much need here it is hard to know which area to target financially. What they have given us is of the soul and is greater than any material offering that we can bring to them. However, we pray that in some way we can raise their standard of living to something closer to that which every person deserves.

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Anna Banana! said...

Hi John!

Its good to hear in your blog that everything's going well back in Uganda and that the work's progressing well. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves and that the new team is half as good as ours was (hehe only joking)! I'm missing everything about my time on the trip already... the deafening sound of the crickets and even those craters on the road the call pot-holes! ... and I'm just itching to get back.

Don't know if you'll get this before you return home but if you do have a brill time, make lots of memories, keep slappin on the suncream and say hi to everyone from me! And i need to ask you a favour too. I think I left my bible at the guest house so if you find it could you bring it home for me? It's blue and has "The Book" written on it and last time I saw it it was on the coffee table in the sitting room. Ta!

Looking forward to seeing you all when you return home and hearing everyone else's stories! xx