Sunday, July 09, 2006

Uganda Week 1

Week 1 of the african adventure is over. It has exceeded all expectations. In church this morning I felt so settled, like I would be happy to never leave. Building is ahead of schedule and houses could be up before second team get here! As well as labour I'm enjoying playing the old guitar with the kids and taking sports every afternoon with me mate Grant.

The spirit of the people here is overwhelming. They have nothing yet already they have given us something of their soul that cannot be valued. How can we hope to repay them for this?

Much more to say but I'm getting kicked off this comp...will hopefully get back next week.


Neil Harrison said...

hey john, glad to hear things are going well in uganda. say hi to everyone on the team for me!

Alain Emerson said...

Praying for you bro - i know your sharing a room with Grant...but God will see you through!! Love ya bro

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, John! I can see your heart is in Africa. Enjoy every minute. Praying for you all every day. Look after Anna for me! :-)


Anonymous said...

Alrite bro!
Glad to hear u having great time there. Tell africa i said hi.
Had good time in SReach. Working in hardline republican area of Lenadoon. Amazing. Loved it. Class vision for 2007 so if you going to africa next year go some time after 7-07-07.
Heading to mexico next monday, should be cool tho don't have clue what we doing.

Robyn WEASEL BEAR said...

Awesome to hear your time so far in Uganda has been wonderful, the very thing I have been praying for you. Kewlness...take care. BTW the video is in progress...