Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Might makes Right

Everyday I check for news from Palestine and everyday it saddens me more.

Here's part of an email I just got from Mazin
Qumsiyeh who is a Christian peace-maker and a professor in Bethlehem. He describes the situation better than I could...

It is only in an Orwellian "might makes right" world that 1.5 million people are kept in a concentration camp literally being starved to death while much of the world governments stand idly watching or occasionally issuing a useless statement or collaborating with the collective punishment (as in the case of Governments of Egypt and the US). 1.5 million are not numbers, they are people like you and me and 60% are children!! Terrorism is defined as punishing civilians to force a change in politics. As such this is the biggest act of terrorism since the end of WWII. It is also a war crime and a crime against humanity (as defined by International Law).

With Gazans already impoverished and struggling to survive, on November 5, Israel completely sealed Gaza's border crossings. This followed an unprovoked Israeli attack on Gaza that killed six Palestinians, despite a ceasefire, and Palestinian rocket fire in response. As a result of Israel's closure, the United Nations has been forced to stop food distribution to 750,000 needy people, and 70% of Gaza is now without powerdue to a lack of fuel. According to reports, even candles are now in short supply. "Let's see this for what it is." said UN spokesman Chris Gunness. "Fifty-six percent of the Gaza Strip are children. Let us not cause suffering of innocent children." Blocking witnesses, on November 13, Israel denied the entry to Gaza of 20 senior EU diplomats. Israel also has refused to allow foreign journalists to enter Gaza. Foreign Press Association chairman Steven Gutnik called the ban "a serious violation of freedom of the press" and said "it is essential that journalists be allowed to enter the Gaza Strip since it is the foreign media that serves as the world's window into Gaza.


sheenamull said...

we watched the mission last night and that was the bit we were talking about afterwards, when de niro wants to fight and asks for the Father's blessing but he said he couldn' give it because if might was right there wasn't any place in the world for love and he didn't have the strength to live in a world like that. (or something like that)
For me, the hardest thing is that people justify this stuff using the same Book that I believe actually will end up being our Judge on the matter. Jesus definately chose the opposite path to might being right, why don't we? :(
anyways, thoughts prvoked again.thanks. back to the praying board i guess!

Anonymous said...

Israel is such an engima to so many Christians.
On the one hand you have people like Jacob Prasch who I really do admire, on his web site there is a prophecy concerning judgement on Britian for it's immorality.
This Prohecy was given in 2007 and stated that the currency would be brought into doubt and it's children would lie dead in the street.
This is coming to pass as I write.

Then we have people like John Piper a great Christian teacher who does not believe we should pay that much attention to Israel.
I personally think there is an unhealthy bias towards Jews by Christians.
Jews sin just like any other person and they will be judged like any other person.
Having said that Israel is where Chirst is coming back to,and to me that is why there is so much conflict in that region.
How Satan has blinded people with Judaism and Islam, two enemies thousands of lives lost and what for? A LIE.
Why don't people just believe the gospel it's so frustrating.
We have two evil religions fighting for the same Master.
Enough of this confusion and murder in the name of God.


davymull said...

I planned to reply saying something similar to Sheena

sheenamull said...

on a lighter note, a girl from uni left me this link on my facebook...