Monday, June 23, 2008


This Saturday we set off on another adventure to Jandira, Uganda. It's hard to believe after months of planning that it's almost upon us. Check out website here for information. Some of my photos of our last trip to Jandira here. It's a huge team and a huge project. Scary and but immensely exciting! I can't wait to spend another month on african soil.

I probably won't blog much over July. I want to experience more and process less on this trip... leaving the processing until I come home.

I wrote this after I went to South Africa in 2004 -

You gave birth to mankind,
In your womb grew resource:
Rubber, Oil, Diamond, Slave,
Taken from you.

It was us
who raped you,
Stole your innocence,
Battered you, chained you, sold you.

Left extremes to battle
in your no-man's land,
Darkness and Light
Doubt and Faith
Despair and Hope
Apathy and Love.

Yet you remain
hard pressed not crushed
Perplexed not in despair
Persecuted not forgotten
Struck down but not destroyed.

And in you
my soul has found
everything it has exchanged for extravagance

In you

In Africa

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