Thursday, February 28, 2008

Justice for all?

(Picture 1 : Taken on a beautiful night with a Palestinian family in the West Bank)

Everyday when I get home from work I check out the world news online to find out what is happening in Israel and Palestine. It breaks my heart almost daily as I read of more deaths. I rarely talk or write about it because it's hard for people to relate when they haven't seen the situation.

When I was in Palestine I wrote here that the situation in Gaza was a timebomb. Over the past few months it has begun to blow. Due to rocket fire from Gaza, Israel have launched collective punishment on the people there. The borders are closed and the supply of the basic needs for life have been restricted.

Everyday you read about the Israeli army moving into Gaza, killing militants and far too often civilians. As those of us born into the Northern Ireland troubles can relate to, there is much fault on both sides. Two days ago a Palestinian rocket killed an innocent Israeli. This was the first Israeli killed by a rocket in nine months. In response Israel launched an attack yesterday killing 5 militants but also a six month old baby. Today 4 palestinian boys were killed while playing soccer.
(Picture: A wee palestinian lad who I played footie with outside Bethlehem)

In the nine months since the last Israeli died, 200 palestinians have been killed. The population in Gaza are struggling with poverty and oppression.

I love Israel and her people but I wonder if their government is really obeying what YAHWEH has commanded through the Torah and the prophets.

Isaiah pleads with the people to seek justice, correct oppression, and defend the fatherless and the widow (Isaiah 1:17). Proverbs teaches that the Lord will plead the cause of the poor over those who rob them or cheat them in courts of law (Proverbs 22:22-23). The list goes on.

Israel's prime minister Elud Olmert says he wants 'terrorists' to pay a heavy price.
But who are the terrorists?


Anonymous said...

This situation in Israel is clearly laid out in Daniels 70th week prophecy we are living in the end times. Israel defending her land is completely Biblical.

J-Mac said...

I know Israel is under threat but does this justify the killing of civilians?

What were the 4 little boys playing football doing that had to be defended by blowing them up?

The Israeli defence minister today said the army would release 'holocaust' on Gaza as a result of rocket fire.

If we are to claim Daniel's 70th week prophecy can we agree that the same God in Leviticus says, 'love thy neighbour as thyself'

Eva said...

In every war civilian lives are lost. Israel is at war. The Jews are fighting for their existence as their neighbours`clearly pronounced goal is full extermination of them all.
Besides this, The Land belongs to God. He has chosen Israel to complete His will inside The Land in the Millennium, which seems to be not very far into future. This is what almost everything in the Bible is about - salvation of mankind and peace on earth.

Anonymous said...

There is no justification for the killing of civilians but I would accept that it happens. War will always bring hurt and turmoil throughout the Bible even this has happened.

Yes God is the same yesterday, today and tommorow. The difference in now and Leviticus is obviously the Cross. Didn't God strike down and help armies throughout the Bible? Sodom and Gomorrah? Israel is the promised land and when under threat will have to defend herself.

J-Mac said...

Can you not see the stupidity in this. By destroying houses and killing women and children they aren't defending themselves.. THEY'RE MAKING THE THREAT WORSE.

There has been more rocket attacks and more sympathy for Hamas which is extremely sad..

Anonymous said...

Think your seeing a one sided picture here, its not as if Israel are sitting back sending out rockets just because they can..