Friday, June 15, 2007

Dream it all up again

On December 30, 1989, U2 were closing the Joshua Tree tour. During the opening strains of 'Love Rescue Me', Bono said:
"It's no big deal, it's just -- we have to go away and ... and dream it all up again."
They went away for a few years and wrote my favourite album of all time- Achtung Baby.

Well I'm making a similar annoncement on behalf of NEBO. We have our last gig in Lavery's on Monday night before we have a 4 month break. In this time we'll be doing our own stuff (including world travel, producing offspring and side projects).

So come along Monday night and get a fix before we go away and dream it all up again.

(ok the scale is slightly smaller....)


Dave said...

u producing offspring? bro thierry wouldn't be happy.

Stevo said...

maybe you could spend the 4 months off getting your rhythm right on those drums johnie?

dave wiggins said...

here larry, good luck practicing your drumming skills over the next four months!

Ivonne said...

Too bad I live on the other side of the Irish sea...Hope the gig went well. Keep the dream alive indeed! (",)