Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Grief observed

I'm finding it difficult to think with any clarity these days. Nothing seems important beyond the loss of Lins and the grief of those closest to her (click here). I heard a song on the radio recently that summed up my feelings and prayers for them. It's called 'Revival' by Soulsavers. I'm not sure of their spiritual leaning (have sent off for the album so will let you know). It is beautiful. Check out the audio here.

Why am I so blind with my eyes wide open?
Now I need someone
Let this dark night be done
I need you so
Put an end to my suffering
I wanna see a revival tonight Lord
There needs to be a revival.


Jules said...

Hey John - I don't know you, only to see - I'm Marty's other half, Ally's cousin, Phil and Alan's neice... Anyway, just wanted to say that the honesty and insight of your words really hit home with me, and your commitment to Ally at this time is fantastic - I know he will need his friends more than ever, and is blessed to have people like you around him. I have close and loyal friends too, and am acutely aware of their value... I'll be praying for you and 'the lads' as you guys stand shoulder to shoulder with my wee broken cousin, whose pain is woudning us all...

EilĂ­s said...

yeah, nothing makes sense. you go about daily life but can't understand why life doesn't pause for grief. been reading Lewis' 'the great divorce' so intrigued by the thought of what we're really about and what are we missing for God. He's the only thing that is worth making an effort for.

Jen said...

i remember that feeling- of what's the point. I have revisited it so many times-but there is a point. The point is what happens after death..life is about presenting God to others as a gift in whatever way we can. All ur asked to do is just stand like jules said shoulder to shoulder with al. ur doing great.